Robotics, what and future

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers.

A software ‘robot’ is a software application that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system. For example, the execution of data entry into a SAP system – or indeed a full end-to-end business process – would be a typical activity for a software robot. The software robot operates on the user interface (UI) in the same way that a human would; this is a significant departure from traditional forms of IT integration which have historically been based on Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs) – that is to say, machine-to-machine forms of communication based on data layers which operate at an architectural layer beneath the UI.

The future of RPA

The future of RPA is subject to much speculation, as the early majority adopt the technology and discover new uses and new synergies. Possible future trends may include:

  • A convergence of BPM and RPA tools, much in the way that the distinction between BPM and workflow tools is now blurred.
  • Greater incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced decision making and inferencing. There is much in the way of analyst speculation, marketing and hype in industry media forecasting such developments but, as yet, it is not easy to identify verifiable public domain case studies which provide evidence of this type of technology being deployed alongside RPA.

Impact on Society

Academic studies  project that RPA, among other technological trends, is expected to drive a new wave of productivity and efficiency gains in the global labour market. Although not directly attributable to RPA alone, Oxford University conjectures that up to 35% of all jobs may have been automated by 2035.


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DanNotes spring Seminar: Doing Business with IBM Connections Masterclass

The Danish User Group DanNotes spring Seminar is taking place at May. 13, 2014 where Michael Sampson will be talking about IBM Connections for a whole day.

It will take place at IBM Denmark.

DanNotes and Intravision have put this together and the seminar is free to members of DanNotes. There still a few seats left. (Should any non members fo DanNotes be interrested – then contact me).

Michael will go through 10 “Collaborations Scenarios”, and show how IBM Connections can be used i day to day work situations.
•    Co-authoring documents
•    Managing meetings
•    Holding discussions
•    Distributing team and organizational updates
•    Capturing ideas for innovation
•    Running a project
•    Sharing learning and best practice
•    Making decisions
•    Finding expertise
•    Achieving individual coherence

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And off we go

Time is up. No more waiting. For me Lotusphere /Connect 2014 starts now. On my way to the airport. So looking forward to seeing you all again. Remeber to say hi when you see me.

And my suitcase is also with me like always.


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Mobile Setup for Connect 2014

Taken from the site:

Would you like to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of while on the go? Why not, it’s free! Whip out your iOS or Android device and get started!!

Get the app:

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 en_app_rgb_wo_45

If you do not have the IBM Connections app, you can install it for free.

Launch the app:

Already have the app? Just downloaded it? What are you waiting for? Tap here to launch the app and our magical server monkeys will supply that technical information for you!

Read the Sign in email sent from Connect 2014, og wait until you get the badge at Connect2014.

You just have to turn your badge over and type in your Connect 2014 user id and password. Make sure it isn’t upside down first. Easy as cake….

Do it yourself configuration for Geeks:

Get the App. Open the App. Select “My company’s server”
Give the account a whimsical name. Go nuts. Maybe “Connect 2014”..
Provide the username and password credentials. Geeks have to turn the badge over too. Yes, its there. Squint. You credentials are on the back of your Connect 2014 Badge.
Tap “Log In”

There you go! Now go forth and rule over your domain while browsing sessions and building your Connect schedule and network!!!

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Prepare for Connect 2014

I 2 weeks time ill leave for Connect 2014, and I am planning for this year to be a lot better than last year. I am so looking foreward to meet up with all my friends that was there for me last year. You know who you are – Thank you.

That put a side – this will be my Connect/Lotusphere.

Please read “The texasswede”‘s blog post about Connect – Connect 2014 – Survive the week!

and Andy’s House O’ Blog (Andy Donaldson) – Andy’s Guide to Connect-o-sphere 2014

They have put together a lot of good tips on how to get through the week !

Besides going to the labs, session, showcase etc., I will try to go to the Great Geek Challenge – that always fun, and Kimono’s at night.

Before Connect 2014 even starts I will go to Daytona and see the Rolex 24 race. That should be fun.

Hope to see a lot of you over there.


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Call for abstracts for the 50th DanNotes conference on November 27-28 is open

Speakers wanted – get your abstracts in. Know something interesting? Have an exiting case study? Want to be a speaker? Get in!!!

Call for abstracts for the 50th DanNotes conference on November 27-28 is open. Submit your session abstracts now at

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Do i need more diskspace ?


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Widget toolbox and Update Site

I have recently started a project deploying widgets and plugins to my IBM Notes users.

To accomplish that i will have to use the Widget toolbox and update site. When you have made an Updatesite you can install plugins to you IBM Notes clients via policy or Application Management. If you want to install it via policy, you will have to use the Widget toolbox, and you have to use a file called extension.xml.

I didn’t know how to make that, and there was a simple way to make one (Thanks to Mr. Mikkel Heisterberg). You can use that already build in funktions og the IBM Notes client.

Here is a quick way on how to do that.

1. Click on the “Getting started with widgets” icon in the widget toolbar menu.
2. Select “Features and Plugins”
3. Enter the URL for the update site (You can use either http:\\ or nrpc:\\)
4. Make description, image url..
5. Finish

Then you have the plugin installed in the “My Widgets” sidebar. You can the get the extension.xml file from that, by right click and select email to…

Open the Widget toolbox and create a widget document, and choose the extension.xml file, and the you can deploy that via a policy.

Remember that the id under palleteItem is the id of the plugin, ant that this should be the same if you want to update the plugin on a later date. If its not the same, it will make a new plugin.

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Windows 8 RT and floppy disk !

How do you insert a floppy disk in a Surface tablet. I want to install a printer and this comes up.


Any ideas, or maybe i should call Steve Balmer.

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How do you reduce spam on your blog in WordPress

Ever since I started my blog I have had some problems with spam comments on my blog.

So I just want to tell some of the things i have done, trying to reduce the spam comments on my blog. And maybe get some ideas to fight it even harder.

1. Close comments on Older posts.
This will reduce the amount of spam you can recieve, unless you write many blog post every day, there will be less blog post for the spammers to comment on.


2. Use Captcha plugin

I have installed the SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin, and seames to work alright, but there are stil spam comments comming

3. Hold a comment in queue.
I settings, under Comment moderation you can specify weather to put a commetn in queue if there is more than X links in the somment.
I use 2 in this setting


4. Other plugins
There are are al lot of other plugins you can use, but i haven’t tried them all. Askimet is often mentioned, but does it work. Would like to know that befoer i buy it.

Doeas anybody have experience with this.

5. Ban empty referrers

Spam often come from robots, and they will never visit your site, so they don’t have any refers. so you could use the folowing code to ban them.

Log in to WordPress administration area of your blog and go to “Theme Editor”. Select your blog’s theme and open the functions.php file for editing. Paste the following code:

Thanks to Internet Techies for the tip.

Other things you could do, but I haven’t yet.

Ban IP addresses – Is this a good idea ?
Switch comment system ?

If anybody have a idea, or have tried any of the above, I would like to hear how they work.

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