Mailfile preference. See message markings

While going through my mail file preferences, i saw that my message markings wasn’t on.
I actually forgot about this setting, and maybe i’am not the only one, so here is a reminder

If you would like to have your emails marked in you Inbox by having dots (round circles) in front of them. Full blue dot means that the emails were sent to you, half blue/half white dot means it was sent to you and someone else at the same time and a white dot means that the email was sent to someone else with me in CC.

For many people the dots really help to have a quick overview about most urgent emails.

Maybe your administrator has set his on for you, bout if he hasn’t !

The function is held in the mailbox preferences. Most mail templates for Notes 6, 7, or 8 contain it. (The feature was introduced in Notes 6).

It’s here:

Go to Inbox -> Tools -> Preferences -> Mail -> Message Marking -> Recipients.

Here you can choose whichever dots and semi-circles you want!

If you don’t find the feature there, contact your IT guy, and ask them to give you a Notes 6 or above standard mail template.

Hope you find it!

PS. I moved the column up just in front of the ‘Who’ column. I think i makes better sense there.

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