IdeaJam post. Server should be able to retrieve mail from another server

I posted an idea on IdeaJam.

I want a server to be able to retrieve mail from another server, instead of it always are receiving.

But it seams that I am the only one that don’t want to do Ninja tricks to get the mail routing working when sending mail from outside the firewall.

My Idea was:

I you have a server outside the firewall, and you only have a open port from inside and out, we can not get mail to work from outside. Because the server wants to deliver mail to the inside server, and it can not do that.

I would like to be able to specify (like with replication) witch server that handles the mail, when 2 domino servers sends mail to another.

So the outside server just puts its mail in a then do nothing. And another server check the, and if there is mail, it gets them, and sends them on

You can find the post here:

Would like to hear comments on this subject. Is I way off ?

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