Print in the background .. Part 2

Last week I asked if anyone knew about a trick to print a Notes Document i the background. I got a lot of feedback, and thank you to the community for that.

There was some good proposals, but i couldn’t use any off them, because i have to use the Notes Form, and print that. But read my old blog entry, if you want some input on how to do it with pdf/iText.

I found my own solution, and here it is:

I have a java program that has to print a notesdocument via a key.

I have the java program make a small txt/xml file, and put in in a specified place. Then the java program opens a url, that opens a Notesdatabase. notes://…..

Then the notes database opens the txt file, and reads it, opens the document, prints if, and closes both the document, and the database again.

I call the code in database postopen, because the I can print the document just by openning a url.

I know its note a pretty solution, and you have to have a workstation/server allocated for the print.

But it works.

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