#Dannotes – The Danish Lotus Group Conference

Last week I attended the 47.th Dannotes Conference (the Danish Lotus User Group).

It was 2 days full of Admin/Dev stuff. Ulrich Krause, Paul Withers and Dave Hay was guest speakers on the Admin/Dev track. A lot of good stuff was shown to us.

Guys from IBM was also there to tell about the future, and of course Social was also on the agenda.

Key points from the speakers:

IBM Worklight, new thing within the smartphone segment

Check out the slidedeck from Ulrich Krause. A lot of good Xpages info

Xpages-beyond the basic – http://www.slideshare.net/eknori/dan-notes052012-beyondthebasics

Checkout Firebug extension from OpenNTF. Debug Xpages in notes client, like with firebug in firefox browser.

Ready, Set, Go! How IBM Lotus Domino XPages Became Mobile – http://www.slideshare.net/paulswithers1/dannotes-xpages-mobile-controls

In the xsp.properties file, xsp.theme.mobile.pageprefix=mobile.
Then all xpages starting with mobile, gets all the right stuff automaticly loaded, and you don’t need to do anything

Check out – http://Notesin9.com

Combine languages.
Ex in a label on a xpage. You can combine ordinary text with code Ex: “text” $(javascript:@dbtitle)
You can use # or $ and then (javascript: in text to compute either Client side og server side javascript)

All in all it was nice to see all the familier faces again, and i’am sure many off us will be back next time.

P.s. Thanks to the Dannotes board for making this conference a success.

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