Widget toolbox and Update Site

I have recently started a project deploying widgets and plugins to my IBM Notes users.

To accomplish that i will have to use the Widget toolbox and update site. When you have made an Updatesite you can install plugins to you IBM Notes clients via policy or Application Management. If you want to install it via policy, you will have to use the Widget toolbox, and you have to use a file called extension.xml.

I didn’t know how to make that, and there was a simple way to make one (Thanks to Mr. Mikkel Heisterberg). You can use that already build in funktions og the IBM Notes client.

Here is a quick way on how to do that.

1. Click on the “Getting started with widgets” icon in the widget toolbar menu.
2. Select “Features and Plugins”
3. Enter the URL for the update site (You can use either http:\\ or nrpc:\\)
4. Make description, image url..
5. Finish

Then you have the plugin installed in the “My Widgets” sidebar. You can the get the extension.xml file from that, by right click and select email to…

Open the Widget toolbox and create a widget document, and choose the extension.xml file, and the you can deploy that via a policy.

Remember that the id under palleteItem is the id of the plugin, ant that this should be the same if you want to update the plugin on a later date. If its not the same, it will make a new plugin.

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