Upgrade users local names.nsf


How do you upgrade a users local addressbook ? Ex. after an upgrade of the client.
Normaly it will upgrade it self, but sometimes it fails.

There are several ways to do this. Here is some comments about that.

One way is to run “compact -c” against the names.nsf.
This will update the ODS. You may also want to consider adding the following line to your users
notes.ini. This will ensure that any future new db are created with the new ODS:


Info: The Notes Client does not need to have an ODS upgrade for things to work, this is because DAOS etc. does not work Locally on the Client, but at lot of other things will work better. The Template does need to be upgraded.

How you upgrade the client is the main issue here

One way is to simply changing the Notes.ini setting TemplateSetup=850200 (mine 8.5.2) to TemplateSetup=600500 and starting the client will force the template to be upgraded.
This can be done via policies.

Another way is a more manual way. Send the users an email, with a button, containing the following code:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim result As Variant
result = Shell(“nconvert -d names.nsf * pernames.ntf”)
Msgbox “Names Template Upgraded”
End Sub

You can also use the above code to run other “notes programs” localy on the user notes installation. Ex. the above compact -c using the ncompact command.

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