A sad IBM Connect 2013

Now i’am safe home from IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013 and just want to recap.

Normally i can think about what i have learned, and what i want to share with others. But this year I lost my god friend and colleague Kenneth Kjærbye in a tragic accident sunday.

He had an accident on motorbike sunday near Tampa. It touched us all very much.

The last time i saw him was sunday morning, before the Hogride. At that time he was very happy, and I will remember him that way. And I hope you all will.

R.I.P. Kenneth Kjærbye – You will be missed.

I have tried to go to some sessions, but it wasen’t the same.

So i only have 2 notes with me home, that i want to share with the ones that dosen’t already know about them.

Remember to visit the following sites:

openntf.org/XSnippets (and of course openntf.org)

This will give a lot of information about what happends in the community, and info about Xpages. If you haven’t spent any time looking into xPages, now is the time to do it.

I just want to thank everybody that I have talked with during the week, it helped a lot to talk about it.

Next year I will be back, and then we all have a happy IBM Connect / Lotusphere.

Regards Thomas

p.s. No mather how much you know about one thing, you can always learn more. This time I learned the if you are sending a text message on a iPhone, and it wants to send as an iMessage you can hold down on the text, and you get an option to send it as a normal text message. I didn’t know that.

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