A sad IBM Connect 2013

Now i’am safe home from IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013 and just want to recap.

Normally i can think about what i have learned, and what i want to share with others. But this year I lost my god friend and colleague Kenneth Kjærbye in a tragic accident sunday.

He had an accident on motorbike sunday near Tampa. It touched us all very much.

The last time i saw him was sunday morning, before the Hogride. At that time he was very happy, and I will remember him that way. And I hope you all will.

R.I.P. Kenneth Kjærbye – You will be missed.

I have tried to go to some sessions, but it wasen’t the same.

So i only have 2 notes with me home, that i want to share with the ones that dosen’t already know about them.

Remember to visit the following sites:

openntf.org/XSnippets (and of course openntf.org)

This will give a lot of information about what happends in the community, and info about Xpages. If you haven’t spent any time looking into xPages, now is the time to do it.

I just want to thank everybody that I have talked with during the week, it helped a lot to talk about it.

Next year I will be back, and then we all have a happy IBM Connect / Lotusphere.

Regards Thomas

p.s. No mather how much you know about one thing, you can always learn more. This time I learned the if you are sending a text message on a iPhone, and it wants to send as an iMessage you can hold down on the text, and you get an option to send it as a normal text message. I didn’t know that.

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4 Responses to A sad IBM Connect 2013

  1. Russell Maher says:


    I rode with Kenneth on Saturday and was shocked to hear about the accident Sunday night. Losing friends and family is so devastating. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone and that others are thinking about Kenneth (and friends and family) as well.

  2. Tony Holder says:

    Thomas, as Russ says, you are not alone, none of us who were involved are alone. We are all with you and Kenneth’s family and friends in spirit. A big, virtual BigTone hug to you all.

  3. I would like to echo Tony and say to Thomas and Kenneth’s family, there are a lot of people in the IT sector that Kenneth worked in that knew, liked and respected him. We are all missing him greatly. All of us are all thinking of you at this hardest of hard times and should you ever need us we are here and all you have to do is shout out and if we can help we will.


  4. Jason Hook says:

    I didn’t go the conference this year and I’m not sure that I knew Kenneth. I’ve learnt over the many years working with cc:mail and Notes how small a world it is. I’m sure in time I would have met him.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this fine community would rally round you, his friends and family if asked. And Steve is absolutely right our thoughts are with you all.


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