Macbook security

Today i just “hacked” a Macbook password for a friend, who lost all password to the macbook. (Dont ask how).

After some help from mr. Pmooneynet I got into the macbook. There is still some problems with the keyring feature, but I have full access to all the files.

Why I’am are telling you this? Because it was so easy, one should consider weather ones macbook is Secure enough.

The only thing i needed was the install disk, and I was in.

So if you are the proud owner of an macbook, go read the web for security features, and decide if yours is good enough.

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How to control where agents run in clustered environment

At IBM Connect in January during “Ask the Product Managers” sombody asked how he could control where an agent ran in a clustered environment.

In agent settings you can specify which server the agent runs on, but if server is down ? What to do.

I have made a database that can control this.

Here is how it works.

Put the database on the server, and create a document for each agent you want to control.
in here you set the agent, and which server you would like it to run on.

The external database lookup is used to find the agent controler database in lib.dmc.agent. Feel free to change it to how you want to connect to the database.

Then simply set the agent properties so that the agents run on all servers, and make sure that the following code is in your agent:

Use “lib.dmc.agent”

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim agent As NotesAgent
Set agent = session.Currentagent
If determineRunServer(agent.Name, session.Currentdatabase.Server) Then
‘Start running agent – write en agentlog or other to specify where you run, or whatever you like
‘Exit agent
Exit Sub
End If

The when the agent runs, it will ask the agent controler database if it should run or not.

There is also a function to change the “run” server for all the agents that run on one server.

Its not a 100 % finished, but it works, and i hope somebode can gat some use of it.


Everebody feel free to download ! And contact me in case of questions.



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News/Pictures about my mini project

Look at my Mini project page

New info and pictures.

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My new bathroom

Yesterday I finally finished my new bathroom. I was a long process, due to a lot of boring excuses and cirkumstances. So this weekend i can soack into my new bathtub and relax. I think I deserve that after a fu…. up start of 2013.

I have learned a lot in this process, and 2013 can only get better from here.



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A sad IBM Connect 2013

Now i’am safe home from IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013 and just want to recap.

Normally i can think about what i have learned, and what i want to share with others. But this year I lost my god friend and colleague Kenneth Kjærbye in a tragic accident sunday.

He had an accident on motorbike sunday near Tampa. It touched us all very much.

The last time i saw him was sunday morning, before the Hogride. At that time he was very happy, and I will remember him that way. And I hope you all will.

R.I.P. Kenneth Kjærbye – You will be missed.

I have tried to go to some sessions, but it wasen’t the same.

So i only have 2 notes with me home, that i want to share with the ones that dosen’t already know about them.

Remember to visit the following sites: (and of course

This will give a lot of information about what happends in the community, and info about Xpages. If you haven’t spent any time looking into xPages, now is the time to do it.

I just want to thank everybody that I have talked with during the week, it helped a lot to talk about it.

Next year I will be back, and then we all have a happy IBM Connect / Lotusphere.

Regards Thomas

p.s. No mather how much you know about one thing, you can always learn more. This time I learned the if you are sending a text message on a iPhone, and it wants to send as an iMessage you can hold down on the text, and you get an option to send it as a normal text message. I didn’t know that.

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Sugarboo’s, Hog Ride and IBM Connect

Finally we arrived in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin. I’am so looking foreward to a weak full of expressions.

So far is hasen’s been the technical stuff we have spent time on but i was able to ride along the anual Hogride. Yesterday we rode to a little town called mt. Doro, and if you ever get there, be sure to stop by Sugarboo’s for some BBQ. Amasing food!


Now we can lean back and IBM Connect/Lotusphere 2013 can begin.

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IBM Connect 2013/Lotusphere preperations

There is about 3 weeks until IBM Connect/Lotusphere will begin. This will be my 10 th. event, and I am looking forward as always.

So now is the time to start planning what to do and how. I will leave on the 24. January, so the first couple of days I will shop, and get rid of some jetlag.

Usually i go to Orlando Primium Outlets (Intnernational Drive and Vineland Ave), Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia.

Btw. You can get at free voucher for Valet parking by going to

When the conference starts, I just hope I get to see all the things I want to. There will be new tracks this year.

Track 04: Technology Overviews and “What Now?” Sessions
Track 09: NEW! Spotlight on IBM Business Partners
Track 08: Customer Case Studies (from an IT perspective)

Read Gab’s Blog:

All the usual track will of course be there, but I’am sure the new ones will give Connect/Lotusphere a new look.

Besides going to different sessions, i just want to mention a few other things/sessions I like to see at the conference as well.

The Great Geek Challenge, at the Fountain restaurant – also tuesday night

Speedgeeking (Last year it was tuesday night at the dining hall. Check the agenda)
Ask the Developers
Ask the Productmanagers
Gurupalooza – Meet the gurus

Closing session. A lot of people don’t see this, and some due to flight and travel. But if you haven’t left. Go see this. Its fun !

And then there is also to 2 parties. Sunday night at 6.30 or 7 pm. At the pool section, but i have heard that this year it starts in the showcase ! Check IdoNotes, he has written about it.

Wedensday night the is the party at one of the disney parks (Havent heard where is is this year – Anyone ?)

And, like all others i will walk alot, mayby drink more that usual (Kimonos), and eat alot of chicken/steak.

Hope to see a lot of new and old friends over there.

I’am sure it will be fun, i will do my best to make it. Say hi if you see me running arouns the halls.

I have also made a specific page for IBM Connect, and i will try to write during the conference, what i pick up / heard / learned etc.

See you

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Xpages article

I have just read an article/Blog by Paul withers about Xpages, and why you should turn off the Build Automatically setting.

Go read the article here:

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Upgrade users local names.nsf


How do you upgrade a users local addressbook ? Ex. after an upgrade of the client.
Normaly it will upgrade it self, but sometimes it fails.

There are several ways to do this. Here is some comments about that.

One way is to run “compact -c” against the names.nsf.
This will update the ODS. You may also want to consider adding the following line to your users
notes.ini. This will ensure that any future new db are created with the new ODS:


Info: The Notes Client does not need to have an ODS upgrade for things to work, this is because DAOS etc. does not work Locally on the Client, but at lot of other things will work better. The Template does need to be upgraded.

How you upgrade the client is the main issue here

One way is to simply changing the Notes.ini setting TemplateSetup=850200 (mine 8.5.2) to TemplateSetup=600500 and starting the client will force the template to be upgraded.
This can be done via policies.

Another way is a more manual way. Send the users an email, with a button, containing the following code:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim result As Variant
result = Shell(“nconvert -d names.nsf * pernames.ntf”)
Msgbox “Names Template Upgraded”
End Sub

You can also use the above code to run other “notes programs” localy on the user notes installation. Ex. the above compact -c using the ncompact command.

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Formula One – SPAIN Catalunya

This weekend Formula One have reached Spain.

There has been a 3 week break, that has allowed a lot of the teams to update their cars.
Maybe we will see a team win this time.

Or is it Lewis Hamiltion turn this time (I hope so).

Normally this i a race that always takes place in sunny weather, but this time the weather forecast says other. (I don’t think it will rain, but i could be surprised.)

Anyway – I will be ready Sunday afternoon. Good luck to all of you !

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